Welcome to the new forum!


I decided to upgrade the forum software that we are using this morning. Previously we were using Flarum, which while it is a good forum, it is still very new and lacking in many features. This new software is Discourse which is actively developed with many more options and customization available. Unfortunately, there are no readily available converters to migrate the old data, so we will be starting from scratch here.

If you have questions or feedback about this new forum, please post in this topic. Thank you!


Congrats! I really don’t have feedback, but I do see this forum software in a few communities it seems simple and clean, I done things like a GameFAQs spin-offs, but going to attempt to make something unique like maybe a high-end custom one, but very classy looking, let me know if you need anything.



Thank you JensDuck. I do like this one too, it’s very capable for an open source platform. I liked Flarum too which was the previous one, but this one is much more mature from a development standpoint.