2019 Roadmap!


Hello everyone!

I’d like to use this topic as the main area of discussion for the future development of ImgTC. This is a non-exhaustive list of the upgrades that I plan on releasing this year, as well as ideas for possible implementation depending on community feedback. Please, feel free to suggest features that aren’t listed here or let me know what you think about what’s included so far.

  • Two-factor authentication for accounts. This, coupled with a more secure method of password recovery, will help keep accounts more secure.
  • Improved albums. This will include the ability to reorder images with a drag-n-drop interface as well as have optional captions for each image.
  • Ability to favorite other pictures.
  • Ability to sort your uploads into different folders. These will be different from putting them in albums since your folders will be accessible only by you.
  • Make your images and albums public or private.
  • Browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox. You’ll be able to rehost an image simply by right-clicking it, without having to save and re-upload the image.
  • Download all your images from your account page. If you’re working between multiple devices, you will be able to easily download all your active uploads in a zipped folder.

There are a few features I am considering adding as well, such as a public gallery where you can browse and comment on other public images. If implemented, only registered users will be able to submit images to the public gallery. I have also had a handful of users request an API. I am considering this, pending enough need for it and whether or not it can be handled in a practical way.

Last but not least, there are a couple lingering bugs that I am aware of and hope to fix soon.

  • Large gifs getting stuck on upload.
  • Some photos from phones showing up as a black black
  • When adding or removing images from an album, what should be a small check mark in the corner displays as “ace”.

This is going to be a very productive year for ImgTC, so please don’t hesitate to chime in with any ideas!


Hi, I signed up here because imgtc.com currently seems already to be the best image hosting site on the Internet. (Good job!) I thought I could offer a little feedback or assistance to (a) help you make ImgTC better, and (b) help you prevent ImgTC from getting worse :wink:.

Anyway, here are some of my thoughts about the features a good image host needs to have:

  • Hotlinking always allowed (at least for static images)
  • PNG and JPEG images are never reencoded / downsized (or a checkbox to easily prevent this)
  • Signup not required for at least most features
  • No social features; this is what turned Imgur into cancer. At worst, social should be opt-in only per image. (Your “favorite” idea sounds fine though, although I wouldn’t use it.)
  • Name recognition. This is crucial because no one wants their image links to look sketchy. (And some sites whitelist image hosts.) I think you’ll get this easily by being the image host that doesn’t suck, kind of like Imgur did.
  • Folders / albums. Already on your todo list.
  • A reasonable retention policy. One nice thing about Imgur is that images seem to stay up effectively forever.
  • A solid moderation plan. Any image host is quickly going to get hit with a bunch of bad and illegal stuff, as well as stuff that violates copyrights. What is your plan for when more stuff is getting flagged than one person can reasonably review, or for dealing with DMCA takedowns?
  • A solid funding plan. More on this below.

Some nice to haves:

  • Mobile friendly interface without an app.
  • Open source code? Not sure if you’re interested in this, but it would make contributing easier (I’m a programmer), and I believe the Gnu Affero license would require anyone using your code to share any changes they make.
  • No ads. Ads suck. I’m pretty skeptical that there’s any way to put ads in that doesn’t make the experience worse for users, and cause a bunch of privacy concerns on top of that.

Okay, so I think your biggest problem is going to be funding. It’s easy to run a site like this when it’s really small, but (see above) I think you have to expect and plan for it getting big. I just looked at one popular image on the front page of Imgur: given that it has 200k views, it’s used over half a terabyte in the last 6 hours.

Most sites go the ads route, but I think that’s a bad idea because:

  • Ads are already pretty anti-user (see above).
  • Ads simply don’t make enough money on a well-designed site. If you go the ad route, you eventually realize that you have to deliberately break your site so that (a) hotlinking is disabled most of the time, and (b) most users are channeled into social features so that they click through lots of pages with ads. Basically what happened to Imgur. I suppose you could just be trying to make the next Imgur, but you’re doing so many things right already that I’m hoping this is supposed to be a better alternative.

Some funding alternatives:

  • Accept donations, including crypto
  • Crowdfunding; similar to donations, but hosted on a site like Patreon with explicit donation goals.
  • Freemium; one site I pay for (Inoreader) does this, where you unlock additional features with a small fee (~$30 / year). What could ImgTC offer that people might want be willing to pay for?
  • Partnerships; many forums and smaller sites frequently use images, but don’t have a high quality free image host for them. Many of these sites might be willing to offset the cost of their hosting or pay for features they can use. For example, an API for uploading images they can build into their site, or unlimited hotlinking bandwidth - past the point that would otherwise be throttled for abuse.
  • Sponsorships; having a high quality free image host is a huge quality of life improvement for the web. There’s been increasing recognition recently of certain widely used software that’s maintained by small teams, and efforts made to make sure these teams are funded. For example OpenBSD. Usually sponsoring corporations will get their logo on a Sponsors page or something like that.

Hope I didn’t drown you with too many thoughts. I have a lot of interest in seeing a good image host succeed, but neither the time nor the inclination to try to do something as difficult as run one myself. Best of luck to you!


Major request if it’s not already a thing

Resize images

I frequent Gamefaqs, and they used to allow Imgur embeds. then their devs started hating Gamefaqs so they don’t work no more.

but when it did, you could resize images by adding “l” or “s” to the end of the image

would be great if you could do this here because otherwise you have to manually resize to keep it from looking like


or is there a way to just modify the URL that I don’t know of yet?


Thanks for the input Dread, and sorry for a late response. My offline duties keep pulling me away lately more than I’d like. That is definitely a feature I would like to add, it’s very useful. As it is now, imgtc doesn’t resize the image at all. I imagine a small/medium/large option would be the best route to take for it?



Don’t want you to think I’ve ignored your post, I greatly appreciate that kind of thorough input. I’ve been working on the folders feature a bit lately. This is an open question to you and everyone else to make sure I implement it in a way that works as well as possible: how would you folks like to see it done? At first, I was thinking to keep it simple and just add pictures to individual folders similarly to how they’re added to albums, but I’d like to open that up for discussion with everyone before I get too far into it.