What information is collected

We do not make use of any tracking cookies to monitor your web activity. During normal use of the website, the following information from users will be collected under these circumstances:

IP address: A users IP address will be recorded upon each image or video upload, as well as when users create an account.

Email address: An email address is required to create an account and is used for password recovery as well as communicating with registered users regarding their accounts when necessary.

Other information such as location services are not monitored or recorded, nor is any information that may be deemed personally identifiable.

ImgTC makes use of Google Analytics to view and analyze anonymized information regarding visitors, and this information cannot be used to correlate with anyone who has created an account. We also run Google Adsense code on some pages in order to generate revenue. You can view Googles privacy policy here.

ImgTC also uses Cloudflare to keep the website running smoothly and to act as a CDN for image delivery. You may view their privacy policy here.

What information is shared

ImgTC does not share any information that is collected with third party services beyond what is outlined in the Adsense privacy policy. User emails and IP addresses are completely confidential and not accessible by any outside parties. No user information is marketed or sold to outside parties.

ImgTC requires a subpoena or warrant to disclose private information regarding user accounts such as email and IP addresses.
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